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From Dean Organ Builders
For more than 50 years the family run business of Dean Organ Builders have been manufacturing new mechanical organs and repairing antique and vintage book, roll and barrel pipe organs. We are pleased to offer a range of mechanical organ parts and repair components to assist in rebuilding, construction, repair and restoration of mechanical musical instruments.

Supply Of Specialist Parts To The Organ Building Trade

Tailoring The Right Approach

We have experience in working as consultants on mechanical organ projects including providing historical research, specifications and dealing with a wide and varied range of technical issues.

We are always pleased to offer our unique experience to the restorer and organ trade as an advisor or technical consultant on mechanical organ projects including the supply of reproduction parts.

Not only do we manufacture our own design and style of pipework and parts, we also have a large archive of original manufacturer's pipe and component sizes built up over many years.

This archive enables us to replicate missing pipes and parts to various historical manufacturers' sizes and specifications.

We can specially manufacture such parts & components to assist the restorer and organ builder in the rebuilding, construction, repair & restoration of historical mechanical musical instruments.

Whether you require pipe work, leather supply or you require us to specially manufacture a missing component such as drum actions, register boxes, wind chests, primary chests, keyless frames, key frames, bellows or any other mechanical organ component, we are always happy to discuss your requirements in confidence.

For more than forty five years Dean Organ Builders have been England's leading manufacturer of blank folding cardboard for music book production.

We have been the supplier to many of England's professional organ builders and museums.

All of our own manufactured cardboard music is made in our workshops based here in Whitchurch Nr. Bristol, England.

We use traditional time tested methods meaning quality and longevity is ensured. The high quality raw English board that we use in our manufacturing of organ books has been used for manufacturing mechanical music for more than sixty five years, meaning that blank cardboard book or finished music purchased by you today, if looked after will last generations.

We firmly believe that the slightly higher cost of quality board against softer more inferior product as used by some suppliers is worth the difference; our own experience with organ music in commercial application has proved this to be the case.

Our manufacturing technique means that we can provide any width of fold to match historical manufacturers fold size.
This means that historically important music books can be repaired / conserved by inserting a section rather than a complete re cut, providing of course it is appropriate to do so.

Many standard key sizes can be purchased direct online from our parts page. If you require a special size or width of fold please contact us with your requirement for a quotation.

Blank Perforated Cardboard Book

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