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Fairground, Street & Barrel Organ Tuning & Repair

From Dean Organ Builders
For more than 50 years the family run business of Dean Organ Builders have been manufacturing, repairing and tuning mechanical fair, street and barrel organs, for both private and commercial customers. We are one of the most experienced English mechanical organ builders, with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in operation.

Maintenance, Tuning & Repair at our Workshop

Keyless, Keyed, Midi or Barrel Organs
Both newly manufactured and restored organs should receive regular maintenance and tuning to keep them in good condition.

We recommend having your instrument tuned and serviced annually, this enables us to ensure your organs action is correctly regulated and like all good musical instruments it is in tune.

Regular servicing also enables us to keep you informed of any parts which may require further attention, repair or replacement before too long, enabling you to plan for maintenance sometimes before that untimely and costly breakdown.

We always provide a service record which lists what has been carried out and advises you if any further work is required, a valuable record of the instruments maintenance through the years.

Our workshop is fully equipped for servicing and tuning of any size of mechanical organ from a large 112 key to a small 14 note hand turned organ.
Our tuning and maintenance service is not only available for our own make of instrument but any other make of mechanical pipe organ old or new.

With our unique experience gained over many years we have the expert knowledge to carry out all repairs, tuning & servicing to the correct specification.

If you own one of our own make of organs there can be nobody better qualified or experienced than the original manufacturer to keep it in the best condition for you.

On Site Maintenance, Tuning & Repair

Tailoring The Right Approach

Not only do we offer tuning and service facilities at our workshop in Whitchurch Nr. Bristol, we also offer a full on site tuning and maintenance service tailored to your needs.

We have a fully equipped service vehicle which means that as well as tuning and general servicing we can also undertake many repairs and aspects of restoration on site, for many of our private and commercial customers this is a vital service.

Both private and commercial customers can arrange a convenient date and time easily via telephone or e mail with us for a visit to their premises to carry out tuning and service work on an organ.

In some circumstances it might not always be possible to restore some parts on site if this is the case, we can visit, remove the parts returning them to our works for overhaul / restoration, repair etc and then return to re fit them at a convenient pre arranged time.

For many of our customers this service means we can plan to carry out such work in the winter months when the instrument is not in use.
We can then restore the parts in readiness for fitting at the start of the following season, thus eliminating the organ being out of service.

We have many years of experience working on site from carrying out general servicing, tuning, and maintenance to complete strip down and re leathering on many different makes of organ from vintage to new build.

We recommend that organs are tuned and serviced annually; this applies to all instruments new or old regardless of manufacturer.
Our standard tune and service package includes tuning, check and adjustment of your organs action and a 29 point service check including an electrical PAT test where applicable.

As well as the yearly servicing, at between 6 and 8 years on average, the organ will probably require a clean and some minor attention to parts, the time scale and work required will depend on usage.

The time between major overhauls and full restoration will always depend on use but as a general rule our experience is that preservation organs generally require a major overhaul at between 25 to 30 years from new or 25 to 30 years after a rebuild.

We class a preservation organ as an instrument that is perhaps used from May to September every weekend and for occasional bonfire night and Christmas outings.

Our experience with working organs is that they generally require a major overhaul at between 10 to 15 years from new or 10 to 15 years after a rebuild.

We would class a working organ as one that is working seven days a week from 10am to10pm for nine months of the year in a commercial environment.

Based on these examples you can estimate the type of maintenance that might be required during organ ownership.

Tuning & Service Guide

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