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Mechanical Street Organs & Busker Organs
From Dean Organ Builders
For more than 45 years the family run business of Dean Organ Builders have been manufacturing new mechanical Street and Busker organs, for both private and commercial customers. We are one of the most experienced English mechanical organ builders, with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in operation.
Custom Made from 14 to 90 Key
Book, Roll or Midi Controlled Music
With our vast experience of manufacturing new street and busker organs we can offer a bespoke service to create an organ to suit your requirements and budget.

We can supply anything from: a small hand turned roll playing busker organ carried on the shoulder, through to the larger bellows operated street organ suitable for mounting in a trailer.

From single rank models suitable for use at garden fetes and street entertainment, up to very large multi rank models with many automatic registers and percussion effects for a more rousing, powerful performance.

Our organs are generally supplied with traditional keyless roll playing pneumatic actions on the smaller busker organs.

The slightly larger cart mounted organs can be manufactured on roll, book or playing via a modern midi system. The much larger trailer mounted street organs can be keyed, keyless book or midi playing. You can be assured when you buy a new Dean organ that you will benefit from our experience in tailoring a design to suit your requirements.

All of our own manufactured organs are constructed 'in house' here at our Whitchurch workshop using the finest quality materials and English craftsmanship.

We are able to supply a repertoire of traditional and modern music to suit your taste on book, roll or midi, giving your new instrument a personalised library for all occasions.

Busker Organ

Portable And Compact.
Hand turned roll playing busker organs are the smallest and most compact organ we manufacture.
These instruments are light and easy to operate, transportation is by carry strap thus making them very portable, they offer good musical performance and traditional tone. Perfect for street work, charity collection or commercial events where a compact instrument is required.

We can tailor the finish to suit your requirement either painted or inlaid marquetry. As standard these instruments tend to be one pipe per note in design, but we have manufactured these to order in the past which featured a small octave flute register on melody operated by a small side stop.

Street Organs Transportable By Cart
Portable & Traditional Design
Larger than the busker organs, are the street organs designed to be transported on a small pedestrian controlled cart, these are still very portable but with the extra size it allows for larger pipe work offering the flexibility of greater tonal range and scale, as well as the space to include extra registers if required.

These models can be operated by roll, book or midi, they can be built with hand turned operation or a semi hand turned operation where the owner might require ease of turning due to a disability.

We have manufactured many different styles of hand turned street organs over the years and we are always happy to discuss with you a suitable custom design.

Limited Only By Imagination

The largest street organs are designed to be trailer mounted. They are similar to a fair ground type organ but generally voiced in a softer style and using a choice of pipe work configurations and percussion effects that give a volume of sound enabling them to be played in the street where space is more confined.
Facades can be tailored to suit requirements but generally the paint work tends to be more classical and less vibrant by tradition than a fair organ.
These large organs are normally operated by traditional book music although they can use midi if required. From a traditional point of view one of the beauties of these instruments is to see it being hand turned and watching the book music pass through.

Why not contact us today to discuss the commission of a new Street Organ.

We also sell New Fair Organs Both Key Or Keyless Book Playing

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To view barrel, book and paper roll playing organs restored or built new by Dean Organ Builders why not take a look through some of our YouTube videos you can find links by clicking HERE.